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Louise Bunny Ears Hat - Bob's Burgers

Louise Bunny Ears Hat - Bob's Burgers

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Louise Bunny Ears Hat - Bob's Burgers

Your therapist told you that she wants to see you start accessing some of your reserves of inner power, control, and even anger on a daily basis. 

Slip on this Louise Bunny Hat and let it infuse your life with Louise’s fiery, go-getter attitude! We’re not saying Louise’s hat is the source of all of her wit and power, but...we also can’t disprove that theory. Therefore, we think that this pink cap and its standup bunny ears is a great place to start. Just try to add a little more Louise into each and every day, and we bet before long, you’ll be playing the whole world like your fiddle, or, as Louise would say, “a strange, puffy fiddle with a ponytail and a sad butt.”

These hats are professionally handcrafted from anti-pill fleece that stretches out making the hat easier to fit. The ears are framed with wire that allows them to stand up and be shaped as desired. The hat has ear flaps, short ties and it's fully lined with cotton knit. 

To complete the set, make sure to grab the Kuchi Kopi Hat as well!

🍔 100% Polyester Anti Pill fleece

🍔 Wire frame ears

🍔 Lining 100% cotton knit

🍔 Shipped USPS First Class

Teen / Small Adult - 21" to "22" Head circumference 
Regular Adult - 22" to "23" Head circumference

Care instructions:

 Hand wash/spot clean if need it. Cold water and hang dry ONLY.


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Customer Reviews

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They're the best AROUND! Nothings gonna ever keep them down...

Best and most expensive version of this popular hat. after trying several lesser Louise hats, i finally broke down and spent the $$$$. the quality is fantastic and THE EARS ACTALLY STAND UP!! HALLELUJAH! Is it overpriced? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely