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Can Cooler Sleeve - Just Like Bob
Can Cooler Sleeve - Just Like Bob

Can Cooler Sleeve

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Now that you have your very own personalized Just like Bob portrait in digital format, it only makes sense to have it displayed with pride for everyone to see! (need a personalized Just Like Bob Portrait? Visit here)

Having your can cooler sleeve on means you can kick back and enjoy your canned beverage on your own terms - with no rush whatsoever. Get your own personalized Just Like Bob can cooler with this non-slip, durable neoprene can sleeve. Fits any standard 12oz beer or soda can, and can take on your designs to become the perfect party favor and novelty gift.

🍔 Made of durable slip-resistant neoprene material
🍔 Fits standard 12 oz cans
🍔 Black interior
🍔 Collapsible for easy storage
🍔 1/4" (0.63 cm) thick